About Abundant Water

Abundant Water supports rural communities to gain sustainable access to safe water. By sharing our clay-pot water filter technology with local potters, and educating and training vendors within the community to market and maintain these filters, we empower individuals and communities to produce their own clean water.

Initially AW developed low-cost, low-tech water filters that could be made by potters in remote communities in Lao PDR. It also collaborated with other international water agencies developing the capacity to adapt and transfer this technology. Recognising that the challenge was not so much the transfer of water technology but the development of a program that could deliver the technology sustainably and to scale independent of continued external funding AW has developed a working social business model. This focuses on developing profitable local clean water businesses producing practical, sustainable and scalable clean water programs. Abundant Water sells our filters to vendors who we train to sell these onto other families in their villages. This not only creates a sustinable livelihood for vendors and their families but also gives communities affordable access to safe water. 




Want to know how to make an Abundant Water Clay Pottery Water Filter? See below...