Abundant Water is empowering remote Lao communities by training potters in the clay-pot water filter technology.



Abundant Water helps remote communities stop disease and early death due to contaminated water by providing easy access to clean water. By sharing our clay pottery water filter technology, we ensure communities will have ongoing clean water.

A not-for-profit humanitarian development organisation, Abundant Water is sharing the innovation of clay pottery water filters with indigenous potters in Laos and elsewhere. These simple ceramic water filters are made from natural materials using traditional techniques and are able to eliminate waterborne diseases such as dysentery, gastro-enteritis, cholera and typhoid that are endemic in many rural villages.

Our approach transfers knowledge and expertise and develops local capability and ownership, increasing the likelihood of ongoing use of the technology. Abundant Water is training Lao villager potters in our water filter technology and micro-financed business approaches.

We are developing a model for the propagation of low-cost programs enabling anyone in need, anywhere in the world, to access clay pottery water filter technology to avail themselves of clean drinking water.

With your support Abundant Water can offer a solution for Lao villagers to break the cycle of disease, illness and poverty caused by water-borne diseases.


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