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PHOTO: Sunny Forsyth was working as an Australian youth ambassador in Laos when he saw the need for a sustainable water purification system. (666 ABC Canberra: Hannah Walmsley)







Abundant Water’s clay pottery water filters provide clean water in remote communities. Clean water will change a child's life.


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UPDATE: 2014 "Start Some Good" Crowd Funding Campaign

Do's and Dont's Poster on a Lao house

In the Abundant Water Start Some Good campaign in October 2014 we asked you for help.  Our friend and partner Khampang, from a small village in Phongsali - the northern most province of Laos - wanted Abundant Water (AW) clay pottery water filters so people around his village could have access to clean drinking water.     

We had delivered and installed 30 filters in April 2013 in Khampang’s village.  Shortly after, we heard from the village that their filters were being embraced enthusiastically and we could see they were having a tangible effect on peoples’ daily lives.  “The children used to go to the hospital with diarrheal illness, now they don’t have to go anymore”, Khampang told us.




Abundant Water is providing clean water and empowering remote Lao communities by training potters in the clay-pot water filter technology.


Abundant Water is a not-for-profit humanitarian development organisation.

We've created a simple, innovative clay-pottery water filter that we install in rural Lao.

Our water filters help remote communities stop disease and early death by eliminating endemic waterborne diseases such as dysentery, gastro-enteritis, cholera and typhoid.

Our approach

We train Lao villagers and potters so that they can produce their own filters and establish micro-businesses to develop local capability and ensure ongoing use of the technology.

We are developing a model to enable anyone in need, anywhere in the world, to access clay-pottery water filter technology and clean drinking water.

We use natural materials and traditional techniques. 

We empower women and children because collecting wood to boil and purify water usually falls at their feet.   

With your support Abundant Water can break the cycle of disease, illness and poverty caused by water-borne disease!


Meet Rob - our new Program Manager
Monday 19/10/15

Rob joined us at Abundant Water in May 2015. Since then, he has settled in nicely at work and life in Laos. We wanted to share a short interview, so you… Read more

Update: 2014 “Start Some Good” Crowd Funding Campaign
Thursday 08/10/15

In the Abundant Water Start Some Good campaign in October 2014 we asked you for help. Our friend and partner Khampang, from a small village in Phongsali… Read more

Firing Line
Sunday 06/09/15

After a temporary problem with the roof, we are back, in August, firing with all filters blazing! Our roof was broken due to the mixture of excessive heat… Read more

Pink Umbrella Foundation Grant
Monday 31/08/15

Abundant Water has been awarded a Pink Umbrella Foundation Grant of $1000 Read more