Social business program


One of Abundant Water’s (AW) most exciting initiatives is our social-business program, whereby we help rural entrepreneurs set up sustainable social businesses that sell AW filters.

In short, we supply the filters and they sell, install and maintain them as their own business.

Social businesses empower vendors and communities.

Abundant Water social business vendors

(2) New vendors are trained by Nukham, our master potter and filter expert. The training includes how to assemble, use and clean the filters correctly.How does our social business program work?

(1) Bounsee approached us because they saw the health benefits of the filters and an entrepreneurial opportunity in selling them. Our model is waiting for new vendors to approach us, because that shows they already have the edge to be successful. We have found that businesses started by people whom we have approached have not been successful.

(3) A support package is given to new vendors, which includes items such as a marketing poster, an instructional Do’s and Don’ts poster and a filter installation guide.Vendors use these marketing materials as part of their business strategy.

(4) Vendors are now ready to sell AW filters! They order from us and then sell them on to people in their own and surrounding villages.

Why social business?

Social businesses empower vendors and whole communities. Vendors and their families have an income and the economic and health benefits are able to flow through the community.