Abundant Water in Nepal

Sunny Forsyth running a workshop for future filter vendors in Nepal March 2016


Abundant Water is frequently approached to replicate our work in other countries. In April 2015 after the Nepal earthquake we were approached to introduce our training program to aid the country's recovery. 

There is a need for ways to help communities to recover from the earthquake, particularly some of the most vulnerable women. They need access to both an affordable means of providing safe drinking water and also income opportunities.

We have identified a number of highly capable and motivated partner organisations, such as the Women’s Rehabilitation Centre which first approached Abundant Water, to take this project forward. 

Thanks to the amazing success of our crowd funding campaign in late 2015, and generous business donations, we are now in the position to take the project forward.

Abundant Water CEO Sunny Forsyth Abundant visited Nepal in March/April 2016 to investigate the best way of providing our clay pot filter technology to provide clean water in Nepal.

Update – May 2016

Nepal vendor workshops

Abundant Water is currently undertaking market testing with potential filter vendors in Nepal to ensure our water filter projects are a success.

So far we have conducted three training workshops: two for business start up, and one for filter assembly. In total we have trained 10 trainees and two support staff from our partner organisations.  Vendor training is an important part of the project implementation process as it allows us to assess the market demand for filters, as well as what specifications a filter must meet to be desirable.

Using this information we can implement filter production training in areas where there is a demand and train producers to make a filter that is tailored to the meet the requirements of their local market. By doing this we ensure that we are giving communities and our vendors sustainable and locally appropriate clean water solutions.