Namor Nuea - a model village for clean water

Namor Nuea is a small village many hours dirve from Vientiane in a province called Oudomxai. In Oudomxai over 50% of the population live on less than AUD$2 per day and most are from the Khhmu or Hmong ethnic minority group.

Namor Nuea is a model village. It demontsrates new ideas, technoglogies and approaches to other villages and local governments to encourage them to take up these idea. Two years ago Abundant Water, with our partner CDEA, brought our clay water filters to Namor Nuea to demonstrate new ways of accessing clean water. This was important because when we first arrived,  92% of the local population in Namor district, Oudomxai were using unsafe drinking water sources such as rivers, unprotected wells and rainwater.

Two years on and all households in Namor Nuea are drinking safe water from Abundant Water’s clay pottery water filters. The impact on health has been dramatic with a significant decrease in water borne diseases. The level of satisfaction was also so high that people were now requesting replacement filters as their filters were reaching the end of their lifespan after two years of use. That people want to replace the filters and continue using them shows how appreciated the technology is in Namor Nuea and the five other communities Abundant Water has since worked with.