Mr Keomanee cares about clean water for his students

It is Abundant Water's belief that everybody should have clean drinking water & it's why I'm at Abundant Water.
Over the past two years, Abundant Water has worked with with Child's Dream Foundation to provide remote schools in central and northern Laos with clean water for children. 
In July 2017, I got the chance to help Child's Dream Foundation supply and install ceramic filters across 7 schools in remote areas in Oudomxai, Bokeo, Loungprabang and Xiangabouli Provinces.

Everywhere we went the people invite us in for Lao whisky and petanque. In holding with Lao customs, I was expected to drink. Excessively. From getting drunk with a Provincial Minister for Education over petanque (he won) to traditional Lao dancing lessons with blushing dancing teachers, it was a an experience. 

​In Bang Bon School, Nung district, I met Mr Phonesack​ Keomanee, the language teacher for English and Lao. While chatting to me he said, "There is river and mountain water (groundwater) at the school but we can't drink it, we buy water in these (20L containers) to drink".
To get drinking water for the students he has to transport the water from the nearest shop roughly 10 kilometers away with his scooter over rutted dirt and mud tracks through the hills. This is quite a task during wet season, with landslides and storms. With ceramic filters, the water available at the school can be easily filtered and spending time and money on bottled water isn't needed.