Don’t you think children deserve to live full and productive lives?

Millions of children do not attend school regularly because of the debilitating effects of contaminated water on their health, sometimes resulting in death. By giving them this basic need that we, in richer societies, take for granted, you could help a future doctor or Nobel Prize winner achieve their potential.

A regular monthly donation could help hundreds of children every year.



Give $20 monthly



Donate $69 now

$20 will provide water filters for a classroom


$69 will provide training for a local community development organisation



Give $39 monthly



Donate $99 now

$39 will provide for the installation of a filter system for a family


$99 will provide start-up training for a village based business to set up and sell filter systems



Give $49 monthly



Donate $149 now

$49 will provide the components for a filter system for a school of 50 children


$149 will provide for ongoing training for a village-based business to sell filter systems




Abundant Water relies on your generosity to keep running. Any donation, big or small, will allow us to help more people to access clean drinking water.