Vision and Values

What we do 

We help remote communities stop disease and death with clean water. By sharing our clay-pottery water filter technology, we ensure the communities will have clean water long after we are gone. 

Our approach. We: 

  • Train local potters in clay-pottery water filter technology
  • Are developing a training program that can be used by anyone anywhere
  • Work with villages to increase their understanding of hygiene and sanitation
  • Work with local organizations to help us achieve our objectives

Our Values 

Responsibility – we take ownership of our actions 

Collaboration – we build partnerships to enable a community 

Reflective action – we will never know all the answers so we think, act, reflect and then repeat

Learning – we happily question our assumptions so we can best understand reality 

Empowerment – we believe in teaching people to produce clean water, rather than doing it for them 

Integrity – our work is reflected in our life and our life is reflected in our work 

Our Vision 

A global network of organisations that use clay-pottery water filter technology to help remote communities get clean drinking water