Abundant Water awarded $15,000 Happold Foundation Grant

The Happold Foundation

Abundant Water is proud to announce that it has recently been selected for a grant worth $15,000 by the Happold Foundation.

The Happold Foundation is a charity dedicated to using engineering skills and experience to make a positive impact on people’s lives. They work with young people, educators and researchers to shape a community who want to improve the built environment and provide funds to enable activities such as carrying out research, running pilot projects, testing new ideas, spreading good practice or sharing expertise.

Abundant Water will use the Happold Foundation grant to broaden and further localise our water filtration program in Saisombom Province in rural Laos. This program focuses on a social business model of water filter distribution which is local, sustainable and scalable.

With this grant Abundant Water will build the skills and abilities of Sou Chan, a Lao cadet who has recently graduated from Environmental Science at the Lao National University, so that he can develop, deliver and promote water filter technology in Laos. Through ongoing mentoring and training in his role as Project Manager, Sou Chan will be able to develop expertise in the establishment and implementation of water quality testing standards which are essential for the safe manufacture and distribution of water filter technology.

Sou Chan’s improved ability to manage water quality control as part of this project is a critical part of Abundant Water’s commitment to pursuing continuous improvement in water technology quality, sustainability and affordability. But it is more than that - it is also about widening ownership of Abundant Water’s work to include national staff who, with their intimate local knowledge, have the best chance of making ‘clean water for everyone’ a reality in their own countries